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SCREW SINGLE SPINDLE PUMPS | Blimed - Production, assembly and service of pumps
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The horizontal pump – type BH is suitable for transport of vary viscous fluids and fluids thet can crystallize during the process.The fluid is additionally hetaed by steam thet is brought to the chamber. Chamber is placed around the pump body. The connectors are adapted according to existing situation.





The horizontal pump type BM, has compact construction and it`s directly coupled to the drive (electric motor, reducer or variator). Thereforesuitable for mobile or portable pumping sets. Often the pump is applied in food industry for transport of milk, yogurt, tomato, puree, mayonnaise, fruit juice, yeast, beer molasses, creams.





The horizontal pump type BR is suitable for transport of particulary dificult, also no longer fluid media which contain solid or fiber matter. It is applied in food industry, fruit and vegetable processing, vine culture and so on.





The pump suction body is a generously dimensioned with rectangular inlet and an auxiliary force- feed screw is arranged upstream of the actual pump element (rotor and stator).


The vertical pump type BV, is used for extract of viscous luids form barrels and tanks in chemical, paint anf food industry. The agregat has simple construction, therefore it`s easy to use and maintenance.



The screw spindle pumps have many positive characteristics during its operating and maintenance. Suitable for transport of different fluids: from clear and viscous fluids to pastes substances. Widely applied in many industry branches: food, chemical, petrochemical industries as well as in civil engineering and mining. The pump has a steady and stable work, with the continuous flow without pulsations that changes depending on the speed. High efficacy level. It can transport the fluid in two directions – reversible pumping direction. Has simple construction that enables easy installation and maintenance. Has high ability of self-priming, it mustn’t operate without fluid.