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Homogenisator – tyre NZ. Mainly, it is applied for homogenization of viscous fluid masses – fluids containing several different substances which have to mix each other in own final mass with a content of the previously given dose of substances. Homogenisator may be also applied in food industry- conditoring products and petrochemistry – pharmacy, cosmetic- for producing gels, shampoos, syrups and so on. Its main characteristic is concise construction that takes up little space. Usually, for better efficiency it is combined with mono spindle-shaped pumps from our production programme. Possible performances concerning the materials applied are steel, stainless steel or PVC plastic, polyethglene or polypropilene, and teflon (ptfe) in special performances.

As for as constructive performance is concerned it is made of an appropriate mechanical seal with pressure from 0,4 (bar). The capacities are in three categories or pumps and they are with capacity HZ 2 from 2 to 5 (m3/h), HZ 5 from 5 to 8 (m3/h) and HZ10 to 12 (m3/h).