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Blimed DOO Skopje has existed since 1995 and later it is preregistered according to the lam of trade companies with 100% private capital. Its main activity is design, production, assembly and service of pumps, pump units and technological lines for: -water-supplying, cleaning out of waste effluent maters -technological lines for processing of products in food industry, -petro-chemical industry, agriculture and energetic plants. Beside this, thin fluids such as water, milk, acid as well as transport of fluids with strong viscosity, oils, oil derivatives, block oil (mazut), yoghourt, honey, ketchup, mayonnaise and so on are treated.

Our production equipment and tools and many years experience in the field, make us reliable partner in designing and producing mechanical parts upon the special requirement from customers.

The parts and items are made under total repair system and doing technical documentation or under technical documentation of the customers. For the parts end items made in this way we give an appropriate guaratee to the customer.

Blimed Ltd, Skopje is a small firm with 5 employees, whose knowledge and experience guaranty furthered successful progress of the firm.

Main activity
The main activity of BLIMED Ltd Skopje is production of pumps and parts for water pumps and pumps for thick fluids.

In our six-years development we have succeeded to realize certain own ideas in to products, as our own product program. Broadening our own capacities and the level of technological capabilities increases our production potential.